Monday, January 4, 2016

1. Describe
- My artwork is of a person named Michael Clifford playing guitar. His guitar is colored red, his skin is white, and his clothes and the floor are black.
2. Create
- I created my artwork by first bending pipe cleaners in the shape of my figure. I then covered the pipe cleaners in tin foil and then paper mache. I finished it by painting it over with white, black, and red.
3. Big Idea
- The big idea behind my project is for it to resemble the sculptures that Giacometti created. Also for the sculpture to resemble a person in movement.
4. Goals
- My goal for this project was for my figure to represent a person playing guitar and for it to be recognizable. I think I accomplished my goal since it does in fact look like a person playing guitar.
5. Overall thoughts
-  Overall, I thought my project turned out looking good. I thought the different uses of color on it also made it stand out.

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