Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I would like to name this work of art 5sos. I created this work of art by first drawing the shapes that I saw in pencil. Then, I traced over my marks in pen. Lastly I filled in some shading with a black sharpie. When I look at my pre-assessment and my final drawing next to each other, I think that I have improved a lot. my pre-assessment only has a few pencil markings, which isn't a lot. My final drawing has shading and the whole figures. A lot more work was completed in my final drawing compared to my pre-assessment. My favorite part is the shading next to the person on the far right. I also like how the person on the far left turned out, even though the drawing overall is not completely finished. If I could change something about it, it would be that I would actually finish the drawing. I would spend more time on the mouths and the shading. This would make the drawing look better, if they had mouths. While making it I was surprised that the figures turned out very proportional. I had to re-start the two people on the right since they were too big, but it turned out looking good. something I want to share about this artwork is that it is of one of my favorite bands, which I will be meeting the members of in the Summer of 2016.Displaying image.jpeg

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  1. You're so talented Rachel!!! Awesome job on both your reflection and your drawing. Happy you put in the effort to finish it!