Friday, January 22, 2016

1) What issue did you choose and why?
- I chose the issue of discrimination against people, specifically based on gender race, sexuality, or religion. I chose this issue because I strongly believe that all people are equal no matter their variation from each other, and that you should not be judged by your differences from other people. 
2) Where is your focal point? Why did you make this your focal point?
- I chose my focal point to be the skulls, so I made them brightly colored with a black background so they would draw attention. I chose the skulls to be my focal point because they represent how on the inside, every human is the same no matter their differences. It shows how when it comes down to it, everyone is just the same. 
3) How are you using space?
- I used space by spacing out the skulls equally across the flag, so that they were symmetrical and evenly distributed. 
4) What did you learn throughout this project? 
- I learned that using resist with paints can be difficult to maintain and takes lots of time and concentration. I also learned that even if you think you've failed, you can always make it better in the end.
5) If you could do it again, how would you change your artwork?
- I would change my artwork by painting back over the skulls with the different colors of paint after the resist was washed off instead of just coloring over it with marker, so the skulls would appear more bold and catch the eye easier. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

1. Describe
- My artwork is of a person named Michael Clifford playing guitar. His guitar is colored red, his skin is white, and his clothes and the floor are black.
2. Create
- I created my artwork by first bending pipe cleaners in the shape of my figure. I then covered the pipe cleaners in tin foil and then paper mache. I finished it by painting it over with white, black, and red.
3. Big Idea
- The big idea behind my project is for it to resemble the sculptures that Giacometti created. Also for the sculpture to resemble a person in movement.
4. Goals
- My goal for this project was for my figure to represent a person playing guitar and for it to be recognizable. I think I accomplished my goal since it does in fact look like a person playing guitar.
5. Overall thoughts
-  Overall, I thought my project turned out looking good. I thought the different uses of color on it also made it stand out.

Friday, November 13, 2015

abstract painting

the messy half and the beat half of the swirls show how one person can often look one way but really feel another way. it shows how the same person can appear like they feel a certain way but truly feel the complete opposite.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Andy Warhol - Marilyn Monroe

Dear journal,
I've just received the tragic news of  Marilyn Monroe's death. Being such a beautifully talented actress, I feel it necessary to honor her legacy by painting he portrait. Marilyn's death has affected me very deeply, since she is such an adored figure in the public's eye. I feel that creating this artwork of her will help me cope with her death and move on from my current sorrow state of mind. I will be using the method of silk screening to make several different images. Each image will consist of different colors, representing the different masks she always wore to hide her true self. I believe that an age of pop art is at hand, and this work of Marilyn will catch the public's eye well. My kind of artwork seems to have a certain affect on its viewers, some good and some bad. Never the less, it still catches their interest and causes them to become curious about the origin of the art. Some people wonder why I choose to draw commercial items, such as soup cans. My simple answer; because they stand as a border between the rich and poor.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I would like to name this work of art 5sos. I created this work of art by first drawing the shapes that I saw in pencil. Then, I traced over my marks in pen. Lastly I filled in some shading with a black sharpie. When I look at my pre-assessment and my final drawing next to each other, I think that I have improved a lot. my pre-assessment only has a few pencil markings, which isn't a lot. My final drawing has shading and the whole figures. A lot more work was completed in my final drawing compared to my pre-assessment. My favorite part is the shading next to the person on the far right. I also like how the person on the far left turned out, even though the drawing overall is not completely finished. If I could change something about it, it would be that I would actually finish the drawing. I would spend more time on the mouths and the shading. This would make the drawing look better, if they had mouths. While making it I was surprised that the figures turned out very proportional. I had to re-start the two people on the right since they were too big, but it turned out looking good. something I want to share about this artwork is that it is of one of my favorite bands, which I will be meeting the members of in the Summer of 2016.Displaying image.jpeg

Friday, September 25, 2015

inspirational pictures

Image result for inspiring artwork This picture inspires me because it shows that you can make anything out of everything. You can do anything if you put your mind to it.

This picture inspires me because Jackie Chan is my idol. Jackie Chan is very talented and determined.

This picture inspires me because chickens can do anything they put their mind to. The chickens also has more of its kind rooting for him than the people do.